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Yamato Green and Yamato Green-N

now in concentrated form for export!

Yamato Green Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Concentrate

To Our International Customers:

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: +44 20 3239 8535
(Toll Free for European Calls)

On May 14, 2007, the U.S. Post Office raised international postal rates by a very significant amount.  They have eliminated economical Surface Mail.  There is no longer a service called Air Mail.  Gone is affordable Airmail Letter Post.  Now, the least costly method of mailing items is via a new service called First Class Mail International.  This new service is available only for lighter weight packages (up to 4 pounds), and not for heavy items.   The post office tells us that this replaces Airmail Letter Post, and that items sent by this new service will go via air. 

The only other choices for shipping heavier packages are Global Priority Mail and Global Express Mail.  There are no other choices.

This is seriously impacting our ability to sell to international customers.  The increase in postal rates is simply crippling to international business.  For example, in February we shipped a heavy package to Japan for a cost of $45.00.  Today, the LEAST COSTLY method of shipping that very same package would cost about $154.00. 

Fortunately, we have been able to devise revised formulations for all our products where the products have been greatly concentrated.  We have eliminated all water from every ingredient wherever possible.  Now, we are about to manufacture a 16 oz. bottle of most products that has reduced the weight to around 3 or 4 ounces.  This results in significant weight savings.  A shipment of bottles that might have weighed 12 or 15 pounds can now be shipped for a weight of about 3 pounds. 

As an example of the savings, a medium sized 15 pound package to Australia via International Priority Mail now ships for $74.00.  If we can reduce that weight to 3 pounds, it can be sent First Class Mail International for about $21.70, for a savings of about $52.

To use these concentrated products, you only need add water.  Fill the bottle to the neck with distilled water, shake, and in a few minutes you have a bottle of product that is exactly identical to the U.S. version.

We very much appreciate all our international customers, and hope that we can continue to supply your needs for a quality aquarium fertilizer or additives.  The on-site shopping cart will take your order, but it does not calculate the least expensive international postage rates correctly.  Also, we may be able to divide your shipment into two or three smaller packages and arrive at a cheaper price for shipment than if we shipped it as one package.  We will determine the least costly way to ship on every order.  When ordering, please give us a chance to calculate the least expensive postage and then invoice you for the REVISED amount BEFORE you pay.  For your added convenience, we now accept payments via PayPal.  This method automatically converts from your local currency to U.S. currency at the most attractive exchange rate for that day. 

We do hope to be able to keep ALL our international customers in the future.  We don’t want to lose any of you.  If you have any questions, please let us know how we can be more helpful to you in the future.



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