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What Our Customers Are Saying

"What a wonderful product! I've never seen my plants grow this well before."
- RK, VT

"I've been using [Brand F] for years, and never could get good plant growth. With Yamato Green, it took only about 90 days for my tank to look beautiful"
- LG, FL

"I've tried all the other fertilizers, and I can tell you, your's is the ONLY one that works! It gives beautiful plants."
- GN, AZ

"I was sitting here admiring my beautiful aquarium. You should see my plants after 6 months of using Yamato Green. They are perfect."

"Ciao, and thanks for making such a wonderful product. I have recommended it to all my friends here in Italy."
- VI, Rome, Italy

"Thanks for the fastest service I've ever had!  My order was here in three days, including shipping!"

"Before I started using Yamato Green, I was lucky to get a few inches of growth per year. Now, I regularly harvest a bucket of plants every few months, and I sell them at the local aquarium store. Yamato Green truly pays for itself!"

"Wow! What a difference Yamato Green makes! I used to use
[Brand K] and got no growth whatsoever. Now, my only problem is what to do with the excess trimmings!"

-HK, Australia

"It took me about a month to find the correct dosage experimentally. And it was just about what you recommended all along. I could have saved myself some trouble just by reading the label."

"I have never had much luck with growing Cabomba. However, with Yamato Green and a little extra CO2 as you recommended, and I have luxurious growth. Don't ever stop selling this product!"

"You might want to know that Yamato Green is the only product recommended by my local aquarium club. After using it for a few months, I can see why!"
YU, Maui, HI

"I am sending before and after pictures of my Cryptocoryne. Before Yamato Green, it only grew an inch or two in one year and just looked puny. After 6 months with Yamato Green, it is now the centerpiece of the tank, just gorgeous! I didn't realize Cryptocoryne could get this big!"
- RP, NV

"You know, I've been buying [Brand D] and paying a lot of money for essentially feeble growth. I couldn't believe my eyes after few months with using Yamato Green. There is just no comparison. Yamato Green beats them all, hands down."

"I appreciate that Yamato Green is 'shrimp friendly.' I used [Brand F] and all my expensive Amano Shrimp were dead within days, and still the plants didn't grow. But all my shrimp seem to thrive when I use Yamato Green, and you should see my plants! Thank you!"

"Send me 3 more bottles right away! I now have achieved the tank I've always dreamed of, and I don't want to risk losing all these gorgeous plants!"

"Now, why doesn't any other fertilizer work? I have tried them all, and I can tell you that there are simply no other products out there that work. But Yamato Green exceeded all my wildest expectations. A wonderful product!"

"My only complaint is that you forgot to warn me that I would be pruning a gallon bucket of excess plant growth every month. I have a tropical jungle in my aquarium unless I prune it regularly. (Just kidding about the complaint. My plants love this stuff!)"

"I just want to tell you how happy I am with Yamato Green. I have tried for years to grow a nice planted tank. Now, my plants are healthier and greener than I could ever have hoped for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- NG, KY

"I've tried all the Japanese and Chinese products with little to show for it. Yamato Green gave me gorgeous green plants within a few months. Do you have a dealer in Singapore?"
- NK, Singapore

USA FlagAll Yamato Green chemical products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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