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Yamato Green Fe

Yamato Green FEYamato Green Fe is a concentrated source of chelated iron for your aquarium, allowing you to quickly and easily attain exact iron levels in minutes.

Simply adding one (1) drop of Yamato Green Fe per gallon of water will give you an immediate chelated iron concentration of approximately 0.1 mg/L.

The iron in Yamato Green Fe is chelated, and is readily consumable by all aquarium plants.

Yamato Green Fe comes in 8 ounce bottles, which is enough to treat approximately 6,000 gallons of aquarium water.

Suggested Dosing: Plants do best at iron levels between 0.1 - 0.5 mg/L. We recommend you begin with 1-2 drops per gallon of aquarium water, and measure your iron about an hour later with a good quality iron test kit. Initial consumption by plants will be very high, since Yamato Green Fe is in a highly consumable form. You may find that daily dosing is necessary until the plants saturate with iron. After that, 1 drop per gallon, once or twice a week, should satisfy the iron needs of the plants. If you are not using an iron test kit, try 1 drop per gallon, once a week. If plants begin to yellow (chlorosis), add more iron. If algae begins to grow, reduce your dose.


$7.50 per 8 ounces.  Yamato Green-Fe - Concentrated source of iron, chelated for easy assimilation by the plants.
Convenient for aquarists who prefer to run elevated levels of Iron (Fe).

8 oz (236 ml) .................................................. $ 7.50

16 oz (473 ml) ................................................ $11.50

Q: Why Yamato Green Fe? Doesn't Yamato Green have enough iron already? Why do I need a second product? Do I even need it at all?

A: Yamato Green already contains all the iron your plants are likely to ever need. If you add Yamato Green at the recommended dose, you'll attain an iron level of about 0.1 mg/L. However, some people like to run iron at higher levels. Several respected plant authorities recommend iron at levels of 0.5 mg/L to as high as 1.0 mg/L. Rather than to add more Yamato Green, which would elevate the trace minerals to very high levels, you can, if you choose, add Yamato Green Fe to increase the iron levels in your aquarium, without elevating trace elements. Do you NEED Yamato Green Fe? No. But it's there if you want to maintain higher iron levels.

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